A little corner of my house

This is my corner of my bedroom, my desk. I thought it would be fun to show you all my "new" apartment, a little at a time. It's the same apartment we've always had here, but when the flood happened they re-did our apartment and when we moved in, we bought some new things for it and rearranged.

Anyway, this is my new desk (although you can't see the whole thing, but that's ok because all the cords are underneath and those aren't very photo-worthy). And my new computer!!! I really do love my computer; it's my second computer because my old one was getting too slow and beat-up. And my second Mac. It's fast and pretty and has a webcam which means I can talk to my family in Delaware. I have a hot pink chair, and there's always a stack of books, notebooks and sketchbooks. The last touch I want to do is get a bulletin board for above it to hang inspiration pictures (which are cluttering up my desk drawer and computer folders) and be inspired.

Hope you enjoyed the peek into a corner of my home! I'll show you all some more of it later!

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