Mushroom Chicken Sauce with Gnocchi

I'm not sure when I fell in love with caramelized onions - I've said that before I guess. I've never really liked onions but caramelized onions are out-of-this-world good. And I wanted to make a sauce with them for gnocchi. This sauce has it all - sauteed chicken, scrum-didly-uptious caramelized onions, mushrooms, cream, butter...I don't know how many calories it has and I don't care. So if you know, please don't tell me. ;) You can make your own gnocchi (search "Gnocchi Mario Batali" on Food Network and you'll come up with some great recipes - stick with a plain one), or you can buy it premade. I've found it at World Market, Super Target and Albertson's, so I'm pretty sure it's widely available now. I make my own and individually freeze them on cookie sheets, then keep them in a large ziplock in the freezer. You can make a huge batch, then only cook what you need at a time. This sauce isn't the most colorful (and actually, it's probably more like a ragout than a sauce), but it sure is delicious, if I do say so myself! It serves 2 but is easily multiplied to serve more. Enjoy!

P.S. I'm going to start just posting the download recipe (saves some time) - but please let me know if this doesn't work for you for some reason, and I'll resume posting the entire recipe here as well. Thanks!

The downloadable recipe!

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2 Responses to “Mushroom Chicken Sauce with Gnocchi”

Jo's Mom said...

Very yummy looking, Jo!

Mom :-)

Kate said...

Jo, I like how you have the downloadable recipe... it makes it really nice and easy to get the recipe! :-)

Looks yummy.. and milky... and wonderfully off limits! :-D But I have this feeling that my man would LOVE it. :-)