I'm still alive, I promise...

Not much has been going on lately, so there really hasn't been much to write about. I do have some pictures I want to post, but they're currently still on my camera's memory card - yep, I'm being lazy about it.

There has been a lot going on in SoCal though, with the Station Fires near L.A. Apparently, this is the largest fire in over 100 years. We can't see the fires, but we've had a lot of smoke here in the High Desert. One of Luke's best friends, Nate, is working on the fire, and Nate just lost a good friend, 1 of the 2 firemen who have died in the fire. We're praying that they will be able to contain the fire and get it out soon, and we're also praying for rain, since that would really help the firemen.

Labor Day is obviously this weekend and Luke actually has the whole weekend off, which is going to be really nice. Here's to relaxing!

The boys are getting sillier every day; today Derik was pretending he was going to give Jackson a bite of his food, and would snatch it back at the last second and giggle. Jackson is practicing to be a professional baseball pitcher, a lefty. He has a pretty good curveball already. ;)

I have a bet on with Luke to read all of "Les Miserables" in one month - all 1,463 pages of it. If I do, he's going to take me out to dinner. I'm currently on page 33. =P

I've posted a lot of new recipes on my food blog lately, check them out! Just click "recipes" at the top of this page and it'll take you over there. Let me know if you try any of them out, and what you think!

That's about all the random miscellany I can think of for the moment...

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One Response to “I'm still alive, I promise...”

Jo's Mom said...

Hey Jo!
We're praying for rain for you guys! I've not been looking at the fire news... makes me too nervous. So sorry to hear about Nate's friend.

Sounds like Derik's getting a good sense of humor! And it's neat that Jack might be a lefty! Or a both-y like you!

Love ya!
Mom :-)