Happy Birthday Jackson!

Today was Jackson's 2nd birthday! Somehow I am finding this really difficult to believe! I did manage to get some pictures of him today that I'll get up in the next day or so, but he wasn't nearly as cooperative as Derik. ;) I think he's related to Luke.

He has gotten so funny lately. He blames everything on Derik: "Der [incoherent baby babble] books..." which, roughly translated, is "DERIK was the one that got into the books!" He loves Derik to death, and has to make sure Derik is safe and Derik has everything he needs. His favorite foods are peanut butter sandwiches and cookies. He loves to watch Luke play Madden football on the Xbox and tells me "Daay uh-ball!" ("Daddy football) when he's watching Luke play. His favorite things to do are eat, play with balls and cars and find his shoes ("sooos") so we can "go." And he just figured out that waving is for "Bye" as well as "Hi." =)

Happy birthday, sweet boy. =)

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