Bittersweet: Tribute Cake

Luke & I don't really need a "reason" to make a cake like this. It would probably be better for us if we did need one, but oh well. "Bittersweet" is probably my favorite dessert cookbook, and that makes sense: it's a book about chocolate. (The cake on the cover is the Tribute Cake, although hers looks much better than mine!) This cake was originally made as a birthday cake for Chuck Williams, the founder of Williams-Sonoma, and I would definitely say it's worthy of that. It has three rich chocolate cakes, with whipped chocolate ganache filling, and dark chocolate glaze. It's topped and circled with chocolate "fans," which are made by scraping thin sheets of chocolate. It took a while to master but I was so excited when I did!

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2 Responses to “Bittersweet: Tribute Cake”

Lydia said...

Looks delish!

Jordan Boesch said...

It was!