Derik is [almost] a year old!

It is so hard to believe that on Monday, my baby will be a year old! It really does seem like he was just born. I remember what I was doing when I went into labor with him, I was watching Michael Phelps win his 7th Olympic gold medal, and it was really late and we were both so tired! Luckily though, I got some sleep since I didn't need to go to the hospital right then and got up around 6:30 to call Luke's mom to come get Jack. After what seemed like a really long drive to the hospital (Luke tells me it wasn't), we finally got there and after a few more hours, somewhere around 3 pm, Derik Mark Boesch was born! He had long feet, just like his big brother, and quite a lot of fuzzy, messy, black hair. Ever since he was born he's been such a good baby, quiet and content most of the time. He likes to talk and sing now, no actual words yet though. He just started standing up while holding on to things last week, and still does the army crawl. He likes ice cream, and Oreo cookies.

We had a birthday party for him & his uncle David. Can you believe that of all the days of the year, Derik would be born on David's birthday? David likes sharing his birthday and by the end of their party, Noah declared that he wanted to share HIS birthday with Derik too.

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One Response to “Derik is [almost] a year old!”

Jo's Mom said...

Happy birthday to our littlest Grandboy!!! Wish we could be there!

Mom & Dad :-)