Derik & Jack, almost 1 & 2!

Both my little men are getting so big! I hadn't posted any pictures of them in a while and thought I should. ;)

Derik is going to be 1 year old in a month! That is so hard to believe for me, it seems like he was just born. I think all mothers say that though. Mom, you probably still think I was just born, huh? ;) Anyway, he is almost one, and getting big! He went into the pool for the first time a few weeks ago, Luke got this shot of him. (I was next to him in the pool & soaking wet so I couldn't touch my camera.) He has FOUR teeth now, crawls very fast and still doesn't want to stand up. He likes Oreo cookies. A lot. He has pretty much never used a pacifier, because he likes two fingers on his right hand much better. Plus, you can't lose fingers.

Jackson will be turning 2 in two months. Again, that's really hard to believe! Jack was a big chicken about the pool and wouldn't go anywhere near it. He is also petrified of the lobster tank at Albertson's. He loves to undress himself so he pretty much lives in the sleeper pajamas he's wearing in this picture. He hasn't figured out zippers. Yet. His favorite food TODAY is peanut butter sandwiches. Two days ago it was granola. Tomorrow, who knows. He changes favorite foods about every three days and pretty much doesn't want to eat anything else. But he will always eat pizza and ice cream. He says quite a few words now although most of the time he is completely incoherent and babbling on in Baby. I have no idea what he's talking about but Derik apparently does because he laughs at him a lot. His favorite words are Baaa (Ball) and Car. He likes to look at pictures or out the window and point out the Baaaas and Cars. He also says the words No, Yes (sometimes he says No when he means Yes), Dee (Derik), Daaadee (Daddy), Mawm (Mom), Hi, Bye, Go and Eeee (Eat). He still has his pacifiers, but only for naps and bedtimes. And only when we can find them. We're down to one pacifier now but it is going bye-bye when he turns two.

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One Response to “Derik & Jack, almost 1 & 2!”

Jo's Mom said...

Yes, Jo, it seems like just yesterday that we had you! I think it accelerates with the second baby, though, and goes by with a blur with grandbabies!

Love the pictures! Of course I had to link to them on our blog!

Love ya!
Mom :-)