Recent Recipes I've Tried

This is kind of a review post - I thought I'd share some of the recent recipes I've tried out and what I thought! Do you have any you've tried out recently? I'd love to hear in the comments!

Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls were SO delicious! Definitely start the day before if you're making these for breakfast, and I quartered the recipe and we still had some left over! Actually, I've really enjoyed everything I've cooked from her site is fantastic - one of Luke and my favorites is her enchiladas.

Something we've both been enjoying is my new ice cream maker Luke bought me for Mother's Day. This recipe by Paula Deen for Butter Pecan Ice Cream was amazing - and this coming from a chocolate-lovin' girl! It's a little difficult to half but I had to because my ice cream maker only does 1 quart at a time. (Sorry, no picture, we ate it too fast!)

The last recipe for now was of the Olive Garden Breadsticks in Food Network Magazine. It's a clone recipe and I have to say, it was pretty close! I did bake them a tad too long and I have dark non-stick pans which tend to overcook stuff like this but the seasoning was spot on! I also really need a pastry brush because I think it would really help with getting more butter onto the breadsticks. Unfortunately I can't share the recipe because it's not on the website but you can pick up a copy of the magazine at places like Barnes & Noble or you can subscribe here!

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One Response to “Recent Recipes I've Tried”

Jo's Mom said...

That Butter Pecan ice cream MUST be good! I've seen tears when chocolate wasn't available!

Love ya!
Mom :-)