Busy busy busy!

I've neglected my poor little blog, since the past few weeks we've been really busy! We spent a few days dealing with the exterminators coming to spray for bugs in our apartment, which meant unloading every cupboard. Then we spent the whole Memorial Day weekend at Luke's family's house. His grandparents were in and we ate tons of yummy food and played lots of Xbox and lots of other fun stuff. We averaged 4 hours of sleep a night and I think now we're finally caught up. So hopefully I'll get back to posting more! For now, how about this picture of some yummy raspberries I had a few weeks ago!

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2 Responses to “Busy busy busy!”

Dionne said...

I love all berries! I like how they are soooo yummy and so pretty and delicate at the same time. This shot is gorgeous!

Dionne said...

Hey Jordan
Not sure if you are free Sunday the 14th, but I am going to be in CA, and am hosting a Blogger's Lunch. It's totally free, and it would be great to meet you! It will be in Glendale at 1pm. Sabrina is coming, so if you want to come, maybe you two could come together? Anyway, let me know if you can make it - it would be great to have you there!