Spring in the Desert and Fun Photography Links!

It's been "spring" for a while now here in the desert. I'm planning on going for a walk later on today so stay tuned for some pictures! We don't have as many flowers near our apartments as we did last year at Mike & Kathy's house but the ones we do have are definitely very pretty. This photo is from my walk a few days ago - some pretty little purple flowers on a bush.

Here are some great sites I've been lovin' lately. I follow these in my feed reader so I don't miss a post!

*On a random but more photography-related note, Mom*tog is a great blog for mom's who are wanting to learn how to photograph their children! I found it a few weeks ago through my friend Lydia, and instantly added it to my list of feeds so I wouldn't miss a post! I know some of you have posted comments before about wanting to know how to photograph your children and this blog is IT for that! Enjoy!

*Jasmine Star. What more can I say. Her name is fabulous enough to make you go to her site. And her photography? Man oh man. She is definitely one of the most amazing photographers ever and I'm so glad she has a blog!

*Last but not least for today is Scarlett Lillian. I spent the morning watching one of her Q&A videos. She is a real sweetheart and loves the Lord and isn't afraid to share that with others, even on her blog! One word to describe her? Glamorous!

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