Location Scouting!

During my walks I like to location scout for photoshoots. And BTW, for anyone in the SoCal area, I am looking to expand my portfolio in the couples/engagement/wedding area. I'm giving away FREE, yes, FREE shoots to couples. So if you're here in SoCal or know someone in SoCal, PLEASE contact me at blessedroadphotography@gmail.com!

So anyway, back to my topic, location! I found a few lovely areas during my walk yesterday and took a few photos during the "golden hour" which is my favorite time to shoot to see how they'd look processed. Here's the result!

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2 Responses to “Location Scouting!”

Jo's Mom said...

Hey Jo, those are pretty! I love the light!

Mom :-)

And it looks like they FINALLY paved the road?

Jordan Boesch said...

YES. oh my goodness! We can't drive on it yet. But it has been PAVED!