Model Shoot: David & Gina

I didn't get to work very long with David & Gina and I didn't get a chance to direct any shots with them at all, but I did get a chance to snap a few shots of them! Eleven of my shots turned out and here are four of my favorites! I'd love to hear feedback from you guys! I'm trying to learn what "posing" works and what doesn't, and how to direct models/clients better.

And my absolute favorite shot of their mini-shoot:

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8 Responses to “Model Shoot: David & Gina”

Anonymous said...

Hey Jo! The last is my favorite too!

Mom :-)

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't let me leave my name!

Two commentS

Mom again.

Love ya.


Jordan Boesch said...

lol. Thank you for making sure it didn't say "1 comments." =P I seriously need to find a way to fix that! =P

Anonymous said...

you're doing Jordan!

Anonymous said...

I am obviously a little tired from the gym class!! I meant you're doing GREAT Jordan!!
love you
aunt sonja

SceneOne Photography said...

This is Pam with SceneOne Photography and just wanted you to know I love the pics. Particularly the last one!

Kate said...

I would like to see more pics of the single gentlemen. For some reason, I just think his photo is interesting!

Jordan Boesch said...

Thanks everyone! And yes, you will Kate, he's next.