Derik - 6 Months Old!

Derik just turned 6 months old and I thought he deserved his own little photo session. He's getting so big - he rolls over, *almost* sits up and loves to bounce and rock! His eyes are turning a color, finally, and they're going to be brown. His hair is getting light, kind of red-blond. Almost all the Boesch boys get light hair until they turn around 4 or 5, then it gets dark all over again. I think Jack was the only Boesch boy to be born with light hair. Anyway, Derik is also getting long - his arms and hands and feet are so long now! And he has the cutest little mole on his right leg just below his knee. Here are some of my favorites!

Stay tuned for Jackson's in a few weeks - he's about to turn 18 months old!

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3 Responses to “Derik - 6 Months Old!”

Lydia said...

I can't believe how old they're getting! It seems like Jack should just be turning 6 months!

Jo's Mom said...

Love the pictures of Derik, Jo! He's growing up so fast!

Mom :-)

Jordan Boesch said...

I know - they both are getting so big and growing up too fast!