Happy New Year!

Happy 2009 everyone! We had a great week from Christmas to New Year's Day because Luke was able to get the whole week off! Some of the time we spent home and some at Luke's parents, since a lot of their family was in. My favorite present this year was my espresso maker (which you already saw!) and Luke's would probably be his Xbox 360. =) Jack likes his Cabbage Patch doll, his Tonka truck, and his cloth story Bible. Derik didn't really care. ;)

This year I have some tough but good resolutions. One of them is to read more, and this month's goal is to finish "Anna Karenina." I've been reading it since the beginning of last year, and I need to finish it! Hopefully I can read it fast enough to finish it by the end of January!

Another project I want to start is the 52 weeks project. I want to take one "special" photo per week, not necessarily on a theme but it can be if I want. I was working on a bokeh 365 project, but there were some days I just couldn't get to my computer every single day, plus it was a little limited for my tastes. I hate giving up but at the same time I'd rather start something I think I can finish! So here goes! I'll have my first week's photo up tomorrow!

Here's a picture from this past week! Samuel pulled Jack around in this box for a long time, and he loved it!


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2 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

Jo's Mom said...

What a great picture of Jack and his Buddy! And nothing is more fun on Christmas than a box!

Jack's hair is getting darker!

Love you and miss you!
Mom :-)

Jordan Boesch said...

It actually looks darker since I gave him a haircut, more reddish. All the boys said he looked "more like a Boesch" since I gave him the haircut too. I saw some old pictures of the boys this week, and that's definitely true!