A Whole Year Old!

Jackson, it's hard to believe that a year (and one day) ago, you were just being born! Your birthday was yesterday, and you're a whole year old! You're a curious little guy, into everything (and sometimes trying my patience!) but I wouldn't trade anything you do. You love to explore and figure things out on your own...I have a feeling that by the end of this coming year, you will be an "all by myself" kind of guy. You also love your little brother so much, it's amazing for me to see that someone as young as you knows that he is a special little person!

I love you Jackson! Here's to another year of growing up!

P.S. Happy birthday today to Elisabeth and Jeremiah!

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2 Responses to “A Whole Year Old!”

Jack's Nana & Pop said...

Happy Birthday a day late Jack! We just got back to our computer and were excited to see your sweet face! Be prepared for lots of kisses very soon!

Nana & Pop-Pop!

Jacks Nana and Pop said...

Oh dear... our username above looks VERY strange. We'll try again... guess it didn't like the apostrophes?