New photos and a new recipe!

Life is slowing down finally and we're getting very used to having two little munchkins! Jack still likes his little brother (and having extra pacifiers to steal!) and Derik is a very calm content baby who loves being held. They both can't wait to meet their other grandparents and their aunt in a few weeks!

The past weekend was really busy, with Nathaniel graduating and lots of family in town, and Derik getting baptized! We actually got a picture this time...poor Jackson, everyone forgot their camera for his baptism. I'll post the picture once I get it uploaded!

I've also posted a new recipe up on my other blog, for Mexican Chicken Quiche, which has quickly become one of our favorites! Enjoy, and have a great week!

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2 Responses to “New photos and a new recipe!”

Kate said...


I'm so excited about coming to visit those two little munchkins! :-) The pictures are great! :-)

Love you!!

Mrs. Boesch said...

We're excited too!!!! :D Love you too!