Summer Fun & Games

The boys finally built their pool table they got for Christmas, and they have been having a ton of fun playing each other! It also came with a ping pong table, and so far, Luke is the undefeated champion! ;)

It's gotten SO HOT here! :P At least it's not humid...I would die! I like staying in the air conditioning as much as possible. Hope you all spend the week in cool air and have some summer fun!

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2 Responses to “Summer Fun & Games”

Jo's Mom said...

Hey Jo!

Those pictures are great! Congrats to Luke on his championship! He and Dad would make a fearsome ping pong team!!!

I think we have your humdidity... the past week has been tough on the guys. Both Pop-Pop and Dad have been doing roof jobs.


Love ya!
Mom :-)

Mrs. Boesch said...

Ewwww, roof jobs in that heat! :P