Spring, flowers and being busy

The hot weather has turned a little chillier, but now it's warming up again. The flowers are still so beautiful, like the ones above! I never knew that roses would grow so well out here...I'll have to take some pictures of Kathy's roses. You don't even have to do anything special...they're just hooked up to the irrigation system and they grow like crazy with a little watering!

We've been pretty busy lately...Luke's brother and his wife have been out and we've been having lots of fun with them! Matt keeps trying to steal Jackson so we have to double-check their suitcases when they go back home! ;) Him and Luke are hilarious together...Julie and I have to work really hard to keep them in line! :P

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2 Responses to “Spring, flowers and being busy”

Kristin said...

This is totally off-topic, but I thought you would like to know I included a link to your food blog in the most recent post on my blog.


Mrs. Boesch said...

Thanks for the mention! :)