My Own Photo Challenge

Hey everyone! I've wanted to do my own photo challenge for a while and am finally getting around to it! If you'd like to join in, just leave a comment with a link to your blog/photostream/website! photo challenge for you all is to shoot for an entire week in ONLY black & white! I mean really in black & white too, not shot in color and then converted! So go into your camera's menu and change your settings! The only exceptions are: if you are a professional and are scheduled to shoot for someone, like a wedding, and if you participate in the Color+Color challenge on Flickr. Those photos can [obviously] be shot in color! You can share every day or you can share at the end of the week, it's up to you. I'll try to share every day!

Today is Thursday, so I'm going to start the challenge on Sunday (the 11th, Mother's Day btw), running through Saturday (the 17th). Leave a comment if you'd like to join in, and when you share your photos, leave the comment for that day on the most recent Black & White Challenge post.

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2 Responses to “My Own Photo Challenge”

Jo's Mama said...

I see Jack is practicing to be a WW II reenactor! And I'm going to get out the camera manual and see if I can get some B&W's! (Don't expect anything grand!)

Love you... and Happy Mother's Day early!

Mom :-)

Mrs. Boesch said...

Happy Early Mother's Day to you too! It'll be fun to share pictures! :) Love you too! :)