Some new pics!

Luke finally figured out how to get online here (we've moved, if you need our new address, email me!)!

I can't believe it but he's almost 6 months old! He's acting a lot older...he plays (sometimes) by himself now, loves his bouncy seat, especially when it's outside, and likes to watch movies and TV. He likes to sing along with the American Idols, and any other music for that matter, and likes to chew on pens (and anything else he can get his little fingers around). Noah and Jack are going to be best buddies I think. Noah is two now, and likes to help take care of Jack, and his favorite thing to say (scream) when Jack starts to cry is "DON'T CRY! DON'T CRY!" Which of course makes Jack cry slightly louder. :P Noah gets very worried at that. He also makes sure Jack sits up straight in his bouncy seat and gives him hugs.

Enjoy the pictures, and have a great day! :)

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2 Responses to “Some new pics!”

Lyds said...

"You know your mom's a photographer when..." ;-) So cute!!

Mr. & Mrs. Boesch said...

LOL! I like that! ;)