Wacky Names

In my blog ramblings, I stumbled across this list of 50 crazy celebrity baby names...wow. I have to say, some of those are quite remarkable. My personal favorites?

Kal-El Coppola. (after Superman)

Audio Science. (huh?!)

Fifi Trixiebell. (Wow.)

Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily. (*cough*)

Moon Unit. (I guess with siblings named "Dweezil" and "Diva Muffin," this one makes sense?)

Kyd. (Well, I guess if you gotta call the kid something...)

Not listed, but equally interesting, is Brad and Kimberly Paisley's new son, William Huckleberry. Yes, like Huck Finn.

In case y'all are wondering, Luke and I are planning on a "normal" name for our baby. ;)

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3 Responses to “Wacky Names”

Kate said...


And I thought Deuteronomy was a little over the top.

Can you imagine the kids in the future? "Hello, my name is Moon Unit Zappa. I'm here to apply for a job..."

Thank you, for naming your child a normal name. :-)

~you know who~

Brooke said...

List some stuff you're thinking of! :D

Lita said...

One time, my cousins were going to name their baby (if it was a girl) Piper. It was a boy and they named him Elijah. *whew* Then they had a girl, and named her Paige. *phew again * I'm not sure I'd name my kids either of those...but I thought they were a lot better than Piper.