Busy Weekend

This past weekend (and week) has been quite busy! Sunday was my sister's graduation party (Yay Kate!!!) and of course yesterday was the 4th. Kate's party was lots of fun! She invited a ton of people and wanted a jam session since she loves music so much and they did have a great time playing! I still find it really hard to believe that my little sister is almost 18 and now graduated! Where on earth does the time go?! Dunno, but it seems like just yesterday we were playing with dolls with Sara... ;) You can see the graduation photos I took for Kate by clicking on the photo below!

Yesterday was lots of fun too, we just had a quiet 4th at my grandparent's house, with lots of good food!
We're not quite sure what to call this pie...Blueberry Fluff Pie? Someone brought one at Kate's graduation, but no one saw who and no one knew! Anyways, everyone loved it at we decided to try to make it. I tackled it for the 4th, and came pretty close. It's just blueberries and sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, and Cool Whip.

Also, I've added a notice on the sidebar about copyright to my photos. I don't mind if a photo of mine is used, and properly credited (thank you, Brooke!), but I DO mind if it is "stolen" and used with no credit at all. I've stumbled across a use of an old photo of mine before, "stolen" from Kate's background on her blog and reused as a background, so I thought it was time I start adding watermarks to my photos and adding the sidebar note. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just trying to protect what I've spent time doing!

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4 Responses to “Busy Weekend”

Lyds said...

My favorite b&w ones are the close ups with lots of contrast. But I'm very partial to color with sparkling eyes. Nice job, Jo!

Mr. & Mrs. Boesch said...

Thanks Lyds! :)

Mom said...

The pictures were beautiful Jo!

And the Fluff Stuff was yummy!

And the fiddle playing was B E A UUUU tiful.

Mom :-)

Kate said...

Loverly loverly! :-)

Yes, the party was grand. :-) I can hardly believe I'm done with school! :-D Life is crazy.

you know who