Yard Sales!

Luke has been very patient with me the past two Saturday mornings...we've been going to yard sales! Last week the finds weren't too spectacular, just 5 yards of pretty rose fabric for $1 and mom got me a trifle dish.

This past Saturday we scored some really good deals though! My favorite community yard sale of the summer was going on, and it's good for lots of nice furniture, antiques and other stuff. At the first sale, we were able to get a bread maker (only used about 4 times, for $8!) and several nice baby things...a swing and a little vibrating seat/rocker, and I grabbed a big tin of vintage buttons.

At the second sale, I got a ton of new scrapbooking supplies, so I was definitely in my glory! ;)

Nana Mel, Mom, Nana Anne and my Aunt Robin went too, and Nana Mel found the cutest little baby bowl and cup for us, it's got a vintage "Dick and Jane" print on it...

And there were a few stuffed animals as well!

Another fun thing we've done the past two weekends is get breakfast at a local Italian bakery. I'm in love with their wedding cookies, and Luke loves the muffins. It's neat to always see the same people in there and get to know them...and the food is definitely enjoyable!

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2 Responses to “Yard Sales!”

Lyds said...

How fun! Love trifle dishes, antique buttons, scrapbooking, and Dick and Jane!

LadyM said...

that really is a cute cup!