Proud to be a Homemaker!

On one of the craft blogs I read, I was surprised and overjoyed to see that the owner rejoices in her homemaker status. I've noticed a mainstream trend here in America of homemaking returning, largely thanks to Martha Stewart and others like her proving that homemaking isn't being bored at home, watching soap operas. No, homemaking can be beautiful! Cherry says,

We are finding that the happiness to be found while making jam surpasses all our expectations. That the feeling of being organised far outweighs that of being strung out and that in actual fact a life full of managed expectations and simple home cooking is all a great many of us need. You see by keeping it simple we get to do the things we really want.

I agree!

Making peach pie yesterday

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Kim Frey said...

Great article Jo!

Tell Luke his swing's back up!

And we saw you two heading back toward the blueberry bush!

Guess I'd better go check ours before the rooster discovers them!


One Comments.

Mr. & Mrs. Boesch said...

Two Comments. :P There, I feel better.

LadyM said...

Hi Luke and Jo!
Luke, write us a review when you finish Revolutionary Characters by Wood, k?
Jordan, a friend told me about the movie Wives & Daughters, and I've been thinking about trying to get my hands on a copy of the book. I love Austen--is it similar at all?

Mr. & Mrs. Boesch said...

I'm only in the first chapter so far, and she's a little "wordier" than Austen, however, I'm enjoying it! I'm told the book is slightly different than the movie. I DO know that the movie is great! It's actually my dad's favorite movie! Highly recommended!


Mr. & Mrs. Boesch said...
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