Photo Fun

I've finally discovered how to create a dark edge around my photos, which is something I've been trying to do for a long time! It's created while editing, and since I don't have Photoshop (just software that came with my camera, which is pretty close), took a while to learn how to do. I think I'll be having some fun with this one now!

Yeah, I know that's a little TOO much of a dark edge, but hey, that was my first try!

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3 Responses to “Photo Fun”

Kate said...

coolness! I think it looks awesome... a lot better than mine would look had I tried it! :-P

~you know who~

Mr. & Mrs. Boesch said...

I was at least having fun! ;) I also did some neat ones with your graduation pics...I'll have to show them to you!

carmen said...

lovely! It took a second to see the frog because I was focusing on your dark edge. lol

I was introduced to your sight from your mom's xanga site. Thanks for letting me visit.