5-Second Rule?

Here's a bit of interesting trivia for today! I know we've all heard of the 5-second rule...drop your food on the floor and someone is bound to yell it out. Did you know it's actually been proven though?

A college professor and her students decided to test out the rule and actually concluded that for "moist" foods, the standard should be 30 seconds, and up to one minute for "dry" foods.

There's some truth to that old wive's tale after all.

Photo from AllPosters.com

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2 Responses to “5-Second Rule?”

LadyM said...



one exception to the rule,
if you drop "moist" food on a visibly dirty floor, it probably will pick up some of the nastiness. *shrug*

Lyds said...

Wow, that's cool. Except now I have to memorize the correct times! Up until now I'd change the time depending on how long it had been on the ground. ;-)