"Virginia is for Lovers"

It's a travel advertisement for Virginia, that slogan, but I'd say it's pretty true. Especially for lovers of history. ;) Luke and I just spent four delightful days in Williamsburg, home of the state's first capitol, and a pretty critical place for the Revolution. I've been going since I was a baby in a stroller, but this was Luke's first visit and I'm pretty sure won't be his last.

I think my favorite thing on the whole trip (aside from taking a vacation with Luke!) was seeing "Patrick Henry" on two different occasions give programs - one on his faith, one on his views of the newly established state of Virginia, just after the break from England. Hearing programs like this really make you wonder if the interpretors really believe what they are relaying to you - and in the case of Patrick Henry, you really hope they do.

Enjoy some of the zillions of photos taken on our trip!

Williamsburg April 07

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5 Responses to “"Virginia is for Lovers"”

Mom said...

Beautiful pictures Jo! I love the up close and personal still life ones.

And I want the sheep. Nannie and April would love the company!


Lyds said...

I love your pictures Jo--especially the awesome angles and viewpoints! You must admit though that it's different visiting a place with a nice camera. ;-) Does it take long for you to get there? For me it's only a 6+ hour plane trip. :-)

Kate said...

Any pics of the big garden that Lis and I could enjoy? :-D (Not to mention that we have zillions of those already... but hey, what's a few more?)

~You know who~

Meghan said...

hey Jo, the pictures are lovely and I'm glad you guys had a good time :)...I'm coming home this saturday from school and I would love to see you sometime soon! But I'll give you a call, hope all is well :) Love you!

Mr. & Mrs. Boesch said...

Lyds - it's about a 4 hour drive for us, mainly because we live on the Delmarva penninsula, and have to drive around the whole thing.

Kate - sorry, I never made it into the garden - too much to do and so little time!

Hey Meg! Yay for coming home! Hopefully I'll see you soon! :)