A Partial Victory over Abortion

The United States Supreme Court ruled to ban partial-birth abortion nationwide yesterday, April 18. It's being called a "landmark" victory for conservatives by the Washington Post, but we as Christians and conservatives shouldn't start jumping up and down just yet.

Reading the Supreme Court's ruling made the "fetus" of a partial-birth, or "intact D&E abortion," sound completely human. They got something right. But what about that same "fetus" a few weeks earlier, when it is still permissible to have a "D&E abortion," [dilation & extraction] where the "fetus" is ripped apart? Pardon how graphic that comes across, but that is exactly what takes place. That same "fetus" a few weeks earlier is still a living human being, and can feel the excruciating pain the procedure involves.

Don't get me wrong. I am extremely glad this ruling took place, and I am extremely glad that partial-birth aborion is banned - although there will be many challenges to this ruling over the next few months and years. But we shouldn't get relaxed about abortion; we need to keep fighting.

By the way, that sonogram is of an 11-week-old baby sucking its thumb. The partial-birth abortion typically occurs after 12 weeks, the "D&E abortion" typically occuring around or before 12 weeks. To me, however, this baby at 11 weeks looks fully human, don't you think? (And no, it's not my sonogram.) If you want more evidence of just how human a "fetus" is, you can visit Abort73, however, it is extremely graphic and probably not good for younger viewers. The site is dedicated to aborting abortion.

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