Cozy Weather

Trust it to snow in March! It's been snowing all day long, and still going strong! I have to say though, it is beautiful!

I call weather like this "cozy weather," and Luke and I have spent all day indoors, curled up in a blanket reading, making and enjoying these cookies...

...sleeping, and soon we'll be enjoying some chicken soup (except with noodles instead of rice). I like cozy weather... :)

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4 Responses to “Cozy Weather”

Kim Frey said...

Jo, there's a couple cookies on top that look like I made them. The forgotten last tray of cookies?

Mom :-D

Kate said...

Hey Jo! The cookies look good! :-) *hugs*

Hope Mr. B. feels better soon. :-)

Mr. & Mrs. Boesch said...

*ahem* Yes, Mom, at least that tray only had four on it... :P

Janel said...

You'll have to let me know how the soup turns out. :)

I love your wedding picture!