Busy-ness as usual!

Luke and I have been quite busy recently, with trying to get completely settled in, work each day, meals to plan every day, and of course, Christmas! We've been trying to bring a little bit of Christmas spirit into our little apartment...meanwhile trying to keep little 'Lissie out of the decorations! For that reason, our tree with all the special, fragile, and otherwise breakable ornaments is on top of our TV cabinet.


'Lissie had to get in on the picture-taking fun, of course...

Baking is on the list for next week...lots and lots of cookies! I've already baked some delicious peanut butter cookies, which are meant to be gifts but seem to be vanishing as fast as I bake them... ;) I'll be making one more batch of those next week, as well as sugar cookies, thumbprints, and fudge, as well as trying out dairy-free versions of gingerbread (hopefully, if I can get to it), fudge, and toffee! The toffee I just might try today, if I can find my silly recipe! :P Christmas time certainly is fun, and I'm enjoying getting ready for it!

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One Response to “Busy-ness as usual!”

Mom said...


I've not only lost a frame painter, but a cookie baker too!

Just kidding! :-D The tree is beautiful, and the toffee yummy!

Love ya!

Mom :-)