Our List

We wanted to share a list of topics we've discussed during our courtship, and we feel this was one of the best things we've done so far to strengthen our relationship. We had some very good discussions and learned a lot about each other's convictions. As other things came up we'd always discuss them and viewed this list as a way to get to know each other better rather than as a checklist. To us, this list isn't about making sure someone "fits all the boxes," it was about getting to know each other better and our views on matters important to us. Our hope is that you can draw something from this list that will help or encourage you!

~Luke & Jordan

*Our List*
~worship style/church preference (what kind of music in church, what
kind of church, etc.)
~family integrated church
~child raising (risk-taking, protectiveness, disciplining, treating
boys/girls differently)
~personal risk-taking (dangerous things)
~homeschooling styles
~Bible versions
~Communion (style? how often? can children take it? etc.)
~number of children
~movies/books (standards)
~unswerving issues (is there something you or I absolutely can/cannot
give up/do?)
~mission trips/youth camps
~decorating preferences

Later on, we added more about child raising...
~Would you teach school differently to boys/girls?
~Discipline (teaching "no," letting him/her have their own way, spanking, etc.)
~Teaching them to be gentlemen/ladies
~Types of books we'd let them read

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Lyds said...

Jo, would you mind sending me an e-mail? It could even be blank, I just need the address! :-)

Holly said...

Good topics....
Hadn't thought about a few of those!